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Tronair | Lansing | Aero Precision | ATP | Conklin & de Decker | DoveBid | JetNet | Velcon Tronair Buys Jetporter ORLANDO – Tronair has purchased Jetporter. The two are recognized leaders in different facets of the aviation...

The seminar is especially designed for charter operators forced to contend with a convoluted maze of Federal Aviation Rules as well as federal, state, and local tax issues.

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DoveBid Plans Online Auction of Aviation Equipment

ORLANDO – DoveBid is launching a new global marketplace for auctioning aviation equipment. The first online auction at the Aviation Exchange will be conducted on May 1-4 on the DoveBid website.

The Aviation Exchange enables companies to proactively address asset management challenges in real time. DoveBid will market, sell and manage the entire payment process. Participants may bid online, review detailed asset descriptions, equipment catalogs, and online bidding instructions.

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JetNet Unveils Aviation Business Index Database Product

ORLANDO – JetNet/AvData is showcasing its new Aerodex Evolution service and helicopter database. The purveyor of aircraft information and market intelligence is also debuting its new Aviation Business Index at the 2007 Aviation Industry Expo.

The Aviation Business Index offers access to information on 60,000 aviation companies around the world. The data is updated in real time by the firm’s research staff. The service has information on the owners of all aircraft including helicopters. JetNet customers can purchase mailing lists based on the data in the Aviation Business Index.

Aerodex is JetNet’s premier product designed for FBOs, aircraft insurers, airport managers, and aircraft service providers and vendors.

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Velcon’s New Coalescer Meets Army’s Standards

ORLANDO – Velcon Filters announced that its coalescer I-420MM passed the U.S. Army’s MIL-PRF-52308J requirement.

Successful testing was conducted by the Southwest Research Institute. Tests included single element test and full-scale test. These test evaluated the solids and water removal properties of the I-420MM filter/coalescer and Velcon’s associated SI-522 separator canister. An additional performance test was conducted after shock and extreme temperature environmental exposure.

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