FAA Certifies Alakai Technologies’ Engine Trend Monitoring System for Cirrus Aircraft

The certification also applies to Alakai's Digital Flight Data Recording System (DFDS) software which, when combined with the ETMS, effectively provides the popular Cirrus piston-engine aircraft with a "black box" recorder, currently not required on...

The DFDS software performs the same function as flight data recorders that are mandatory on larger transport aircraft and have proven to be a great help to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in determining the cause of aircraft incidents. Alakai’s ETMS/DFDS installations are expected to provide enhanced safety and potentially lower insurance rates for Cirrus owners who equip their aircraft with this latest technology.

About Alakai Technologies Corporation

Alakai Technologies is a Massachusetts company that develops, manufactures, and integrates products to enhance aircraft safety. Alakai (pronounced “al-uh-ki”) is the Hawaiian word for “leader” or “guide.” Additional information can be found at www.alakai1.com.

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