Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes Set New Benchmark for Performance and Usability

Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoringinstrumentation, announced the availability of the MSO4000 Mixed SignalOscilloscopes.

BEAVERTON, Ore., April 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tektronix, Inc.(NYSE: TEK), a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoringinstrumentation, announced the availability of the MSO4000 Mixed SignalOscilloscopes (MSO).

The new MSO4000 family of mixed signal oscilloscopescombine three powerful capabilities -- an advanced real-time oscilloscope andlogic analyzer, and the breakthrough Wave Inspector waveform search engine --into one small and lightweight portable device for embedded design and debug.The MSO4000 provides a familiar oscilloscope front-panel and a stunningdisplay, letting the engineer control everything intuitively but with only a fraction of the size and weight of other MSOs. It ushers in a new benchmarkfor performance and usability, providing uncompromised debug functionality that raises the bar for mixed signal oscilloscopes to its highest level yet.

Embedded systems are literally everywhere. Examples include cellular phones, automotive systems, avionics, network devices, industrial controls,and consumer electronics. Debugging an embedded design often requires viewing analog signal phenomena and the interaction of digital control signals. In this mixed signal environment, engineers cannot accurately predict the types of problems that will be uncovered during development. They need a test instrument with the ability to acquire both analog and digital signals and display them time-correlated on a single display. The new Tektronix MSO4000 combines leading oscilloscope and basic logic analyzer capabilities so that engineers can conveniently visualize and correlate analog and digital signalson a single instrument.

"Embedded system designers are often working with both analog and digital signals in their designs and need powerful yet easy-to-use test tools for both," said Bob Bluhm , Vice President and General Manager, Value Scope Product Line, Tektronix. "The new MSO4000 provides fully featured analog and digital channels, long-record length on all channels, the most powerful productivity tools including the largest display, Wave Inspector, and an industry-best price/performance. With many industry-best features beyond any MSO in the market today, the MSO4000 Series simplifies operation, ensures measurement confidence and are ideal for engineers needing to more efficiently design, debug, and test their embedded designs."

"Having both digital and analog channels and being able to see these together on the same large display makes the Tektronix MSO4000 perfect for the type of work we do with aviation applications," said Jacob Campbell , DesignEngineer, Garmin AT, a subsidiary of Garmin International. "I can really get inside the components and see what's going on with test points on the device under test tied to the Tektronix MSO scope. I can do in the real world what I usually have to try to do in simulations. The features provided by this scope have made my job easier. Without question, the Tektronix MSO4000 is one of themost useful pieces of test equipment I have ever had."

Leading Performance

The MSO4000 oscilloscope family consists of four models ranging from 350 MHz to 1 GHz, with two or four analog channels and 16 digital channels toprovide up to 20 time-correlated channels. The MSO4032 and MSO4034 provide bandwidth of 350 MHz on two and four analog channels respectively. TheMSO4054 provides 500 MHz bandwidth across four analog channels and the MSO4104offers 1 GHz bandwidth on the four analog channels. The MSO4104 provides5 GS/s sampling on all channels while the other models provide 2.5 GS/s on all channels. All models come standard with 10M record length on all analog and digital channels.

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