Approach Systems Announces Portable Engine Monitoring System

Lakeland, FL – April 17, 2007 – At the 2007 Sun-N-Fun Air Show, Approach Systems announces its APIC E-POD modular engine monitoring system. The APPIC E-POD monitors all vital engine information and relays that information to APIC Software or any EFIS system capable of processing NMEA engine data. Data interface is serial, USB or Bluetooth (coming 8/2007).

The E-POD monitors up to 6 Engine Gas Temperature (EGT) and 6 Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) thermocouple probes, Turbo Inlet Temperature (TIT), Outside Air Temperature (OAT), Oil Temperature and Pressure, Fuel Pressure and Flow, Up to four Fuel Quantity Capacitive Probes, Engine RPM, Manifold Pressure, and Vacuum Pump.

Additionally, APIC E-POD can be configured with an engine firewall connector facilitating a truly modular installation. The connector has its own temperature sensor allowing for a factory calibrated harness and probe set. The firewall connector is a Milspec design for harsh environments. This provides for a complete modular and clean installation. What it really means no boring a hole through your firewall to accommodate all the engine probes, sensors and wiring.

APIC E-Pod's design allows for remote mounting of the device, even out in the wing in the case of a twin-engine aircraft or on the firewall of a pusher type engine mounting with just serial wiring run to the instrument panel.

APIC E-POD is priced at just $499 for the E (engine) POD (monitor) and probe pricing based upon configuration. A 4 cylinder configuration with EGT/CHT, Oil Pressure and Temperature, Fuel Flow , and Outside Air Temperature, RPM, Manifold pressure and Vacuum suction can be configured for less than $1199 and a similarly configured 6 cylinder system for $1399.

About Approach Systems

Approach Systems, founded in 2002, is a privately held Utah company that develops advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and navigation devices for aviation and consumer markets. Its APIC (APproach Integrated Cockpit) and MobileCockpit products allow aviators to have a full "glass-cockpit", without the cost and hassle of installing new aircraft avionics. Approach-Systems LiteTraxz and RaceTraxz product lines provide consumers with GPS tracking and performance solutions that are accurate, sensitive and economically priced.