Lufthansa Technik Named as Exclusive Partner for Virgin America

Virgin America and Lufthansa Technik AG announced a new ten-year Total Material Operations TMO and Line Maintenance support contract, valued at more than 250 million US dollars. New Total Material Operations TMO contract will create new US jobs.

Dr. Johannes Bussmann, Senior Vice President Component Services for Lufthansa Technik AG added: "This contract represents the first full implementation of our forward-looking integrated Total Material Operations TMO product. It will establish a coast-to-coast supply network throughout the United States, covering everything from the smallest part to a complete landing gear. We will have up to 20 employees on duty around the clock, seven days a week, to ensure that flight operations proceed without a hitch - and with the successful growth of Virgin America there will be more jobs at our US facilities on the horizon."

Virgin America and Lufthansa Technik will link their IT systems to ensure full interchange of all relevant data. In addition, Lufthansa Technik will be fully integrated in flight operations with a full-time presence in the airline's operations control center. Experience shows that such arrangements guarantee rapid provision of spares and consumables at all line maintenance stations, even if the aircraft affected is still in flight. Components are dispatched and distributed with maximum efficiency, raising the efficiency and reliability of flight operations.

Lufthansa Technik is now setting up a distribution network for the routine supply of line maintenance bases with components from the central pools in San Francisco and New York. The Lufthansa Technik Logisitik business division of Hamburg, Germany, will transport all components requiring overhaul or repair to the Lufthansa Technik workshops in Germany.

Lufthansa Technik subsidiaries in the USA will also provide support services in order to make best use of the rapid logistics chain. For example, Hawker Pacific of Sun Valley, California, specialises on the maintenance and overhaul of landing gear and hydro-mechanical components.

The first wide-ranging Total Component Support TCS contract in the USA was established in 2004. Lufthansa Technik already maintains a spares pool in Florida from which it also serves customers in Central and South Americas. This service has also been developed and expanded as the Total Material Operations TMO and provides an all-embracing vertical and horizontal integration, enabling an airline to concentrate fully on its core business - flying aircraft. The full service rollout in the USA increases the availability of this product worldwide for low-fare, charter and network carriers.

About Virgin America

Virgin America, a 'new generation' low-fare airline, intends to launch scheduled domestic airline service in 2007 upon government approval. U.S.-owned and operated, Virgin America is based at San Francisco International Airport, has taken delivery of 11 Airbus A320 family aircraft and has firm orders for a further 20. Aspiring candidates can visit to learn more about joining the Virgin America team.

About Lufthansa Technik

As a leading provider in the maintenance, repair and overhaul business for commercial and VIP aircraft, Lufthansa Technik serves more than 580 customers around the globe. The Lufthansa Technik Group employing some 25,000 in total worldwide (1,600 in the United States) is a network of 27 com-panies and more than 60 line maintenance stations worldwide. In the United States of America the Lufthansa Technik Group operates with its subsidiaries and affiliates Hawker Pacific (landing gear & component services in Sun Valley, California), BizJet International (business jet, avionics & engines services in Tulsa, Oklahoma), Lufthansa Technik Composite Tulsa (thrust reverser MRO in Tulsa, Oklahoma), AirLiance Materials (parts management in Chicago, Illinois), HEICO (parts manufacturer and component repair group in Hollywood, Florida), and Lufthansa Technik Component Services (component services in Sun Valley, California and Florida).

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