DART Helicopter Services Announces FAA Approval of Apical R44 Emergency Float System

DART Helicopter Services announced today that their affiliated partner, Apical Industries has received FAA approval for their Emergency Float System for Robinson model R44, R44 II helicopters. EASA and Transport Canada approvals are pending.

The Apical Emergency Float System provides a lightweight and easy to install solution for R44 Raven operators who routinely or even occasionally fly over water, and want the added security of having emergency floats installed. The Apical system is also suitable for installation on R44 Clipper helicopters. In addition to the benefit of increased personal safety in the event of an emergency water landing, the Apical Emergency Float System will allow the aircraft to be towed to safety after an emergency water landing.

The Apical Emergency Float System consists of two cylindrical Fwd floats and two cylindrical Aft floats, engineered to be mounted on float or standard skidtubes, and a mechanically activated inflation system, which includes a composite wrapped reservoir. The Emergency Float System with Extensions is available for aircraft equipped with standard skidtubes. Each float is manufactured using a lightweight urethane coated nylon fabric and is fitted with inlet check valves and combination manual topping/pressure relief valves. Maintenance and overhaul requirements are minimal, consisting of an 18 month inspection/leak test and a three year inspection and inflation test. The floats do not have an age limitation and are replaceable upon condition. The floats are not required to be returned to the factory for recertification; however an Apical recertification service is available upon request. Apical also offers an exchange program for floats and reservoirs.

Apical Industries’ emergency flotation and/or liferaft systems are also available for:

  • Agusta A109, A119, AW139, and AB412
  • Bell 206, 210, 212, 412, and 427
  • Eurocopter AS332, AS350, AS355 BO105, EC120, EC130, EC135
  • MD 369, MD 500 MD 600, MD 900
  • Sikorsky S-76