Aviation Industry Poised for Historic Growth

WASHINGTON, May 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Richard Aboulafia, vice president of analysis for the Teal Group, a widely followed aviation consultancy, will emphasize explosive growth in all sectors of the aviation business in a forthcoming webinar, entitled, The Paris Air Show: Predictions, Advice & Insider Information. The webinar, scheduled for May 24 , will focus onnews, trends, events, and industry statistics that are likely to emerge atthis major international show, June 18-24, 2007, the aviation industry'spremier event.

The speakers include Aboulafia and Michel Merluzeau, principal atG2Solutions. The moderator will be John Persinos, publisher and editorialdirector, Aviation Today. To register for this webinar, go tohttp://www.aviationtoday.com/webinars/may24_2007.html.

"The world aircraft industry is firing on both cylinders. The firstsimultaneous civil and military market upturn in decades is giving most primesa boost. While a handful of sub-segments and programs are weak, the supplierbase has the diverse program exposure necessary to enjoy this broader growth,"says Aboulafia. Other aircraft production findings Teal Group will detail atthe May 24 webinar include:

At the webinar, sponsored by Aviation Today, Aboulafia will explain thatBoeing's jetliner product rejuvenation coupled with Lockheed Martin's F-35 andbroad U.S. defense export market dominance means expansion of the UnitedStates ' share of the industry, and with it dominance in leading edgetechnologies in such areas as avionics. Europe looks to retain its marketshare during the next decade, although European industrial restructuring hasnot reached its ultimate conclusion. To register for this webinar, go tohttp://www.aviationtoday.com/webinars/may24_2007.html.

"The Paris Air Show: Predictions, Advice & Insider Information", Thursday,May 24, 2007 , 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (EDT). To register, go to:http://www.aviationtoday.com. Aviation Today is the heavily traffickedaviation web site maintained by the multi-media company, Access Intelligence.For more information, contact John Persinos, at 301-385-7211 orjpersinos@accessintel.com.

Teal Group Corporation (http://www.tealgroup.com) is an aerospace anddefense consulting firm, providing market intelligence (including 10-yearproduction forecasts) to industry and government. It is based in Fairfax,Virginia, USA. As the Teal Group's Senior Aircraft Analyst, Richard Aboulafiaedits its monthly-updated, 1,450+ page "World Military & Civil AircraftBriefing" service, in which the above worldwide aircraft market forecasts andmany others are published and regularly updated.

Contact (1) John Persinos, Publisher & Editorial Director, AccessIntelligence Email: jpersinos@accessintel.com. Website: www.aviationtoday.comand www.accessintel.com Phone: 301-354-1766

Contact (2) Richard Aboulafia, VP-Analysis, Teal Group Corporation.Phone: 703-385-1992, x 103. Email: raboulafia@tealgroup.com. Website:www.tealgroup.com

SOURCE Teal Group Corporation

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