US Airways Chief Says Labor Strife Worsening

Employees want payback for sacrifices through two bankruptcies at the old, Northeast-based US Airways and to benefit from the dramatic turnaround at the new US Airways.

US Airways pilots certainly have not been shy about expressing their dissatisfaction.

The union recently paid for billboards in Philadelphia and Charlotte, N.C., advertising their "low morale" and many did not come to work the weekend following the arbitrator's May 3rd ruling. On Sunday, May 6, only 29 percent of the carrier's flights left on time, according to the US Airways pilots union. Asked whether pilots deliberately called off work or slowed flights due to frustration about the seniority ruling, Mr. Gentile said many pilots were simply not fit to fly that weekend.

"They didn't belong in the cockpit," he said. "They were that upset." But, at the same time, there was no "concerted effort" to disrupt the airline's operations, he added. "That would be against the law."

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