Oshkosh News: Gemini Diesel Engine Introduced at Oshkosh

West Sussex, England and Oshkosh, WI (July 24, 2007) –– Powerplant Developments, Limited (PPD) announced today that it is well into the development and certification process for the new two-stroke, three-cylinder diesel “Gemini 100 Engine." The new light weight, high-performance 100-horsepower diesel engine will initially be offered to the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) market.

"With all the growth in the global LSA market this is an exciting time for everyone involved with the Gemini Engine project," stated Timothy T. Archer, President and CEO, Powerplant Developments. "We have already been in contact with a number of LSA manufacturers and dealers and they are all extremely interested in the lower operating costs, reduced installed weight and performance advancements offered by this new engine."

"The Gemini Engine introduces a number of uncommon, yet proven, engine features to the aviation industry," he continued. "For example, it has a unique two half-crankshaft, two-pistons-per-cylinder design, which is why it earned the 'Gemini' name. This design eliminates the need for a camshaft, valve gear and cylinder head joints – three main causes of unreliability and high maintenance costs of older-generation piston engines."

Archer said, "Our R&D team at Weslake Air Services has proven the validity of the Gemini concept through extensive design and testing." The new Gemini 100 Engine is a 'next-step' evolutionary design that is actually based on a well-proven design. In fact, opposed-piston, two-stroke diesel aircraft engines have around since 1932. It was originally introduced by Junkers when they developed their six-cylinder, 12-piston, 867 horsepower Jumo 205 engine.

Castings for the first three-cylinder engine have been made and assembly is nearly completed. "Once that is done, we will begin the process to gain ASTM approval for the 100 horsepower Gemini 100 Engine and to receive both EASA and FAA certification on the 125 horsepower, turbo supercharged Gemini 125 Engine," Michael Daniel, Head of R&D for PPD said. "Our plan is to deliver engines to the experimental-LSA market by April 2008 and have ASTM approval completed and to be delivering engines to the certified S-LSA market by November of 2008."

About Powerplant Developments

Powerplant Developments, Limited (PPD) is located in West Sussex, England. The company is a joint development effort by Weslake Air Services and Jade Air, two of the most experienced companies in the United Kingdom for engine design and aviation engine repair and overhaul. The company is developing a revolutionary new diesel piston engine for the general aviation market. For more information, contact: info@jadeair.co.uk.