French Defence Awards Full AWACS Maintenance Contract to Air France Industries

Paris, Amstelveen, July 24th, 2007 – The French Defence Ministry's awards a full AWACS maintenance contract to Air France Industries through its integrated aeronautical material support structure SIMMAD,

On July 31, 2006 SIMMAD issued a call for tenders to maintain its fleet of airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft in a state of operational readiness.

The contract covers support for the entire system which includes the E-3F airframe, mission system (radar uplink including operational software maintenance), simulator support, technical management & logistics computer system, maintenance & management documentation, all related ground components, global transport logistics, and engineering support. Engine maintenance, which is already provided by Air France Industries is not included in the contract.

SIMMAD selected Air France Industries as globally being its best candidate in regards to its three criteria: price, technology value and continuity in the provision of a secured service".

Mr. Alain Bassil, Air France Industries President said: "SIMMAD's endorsement outlines Air France Industries efficiency in providing full support adapted to very different operators needs. It is a major incentive for us to go the extra mile and make continuous progress. AFI will ensure 95% annual availability for the French Air Force AWACS fleet. It is a great honour for us to have been awarded this contract, which strengthens the military support position of Air France Industries worldwide, by the French Government".

Air France Industries and KLM Engineering & Maintenance, which joined forces following the Air France KLM merger, are world-leading multi-product MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) providers with a joint workforce of 15,000, offering comprehensive repair capability, integration expertise, component pool operational support and a powerful logistics network. Together they support more than 900 aircraft and serve upwards of 150 major international airlines.