All Cheyenne 400LS Aircraft Now Have Available RVSM Solutions

August 10, Littleton, CO – JETTECH, a leader in developing affordable Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) aftermarket solutions, now has available an FAA approved RVSM kit for all Cheyenne 400LS model aircraft. These aircraft are equipped with either the Collins APS-65 or King KFC-400 autopilots.

In addition, JETTECH, which currently holds a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) RVSM solution for Cheyenne IIIA aircraft equipped with the Collins APS-65 autopilot, is anticipating an FAA award for an amended STC for those aircraft equipped with King KFC-300 series autopilots.

The JETTECH RVSM installation is the only STC approved solution for Cheyenne IIIA and 400LS aircraft.

"Over the past two years, we have been developing the best possible RVSM solutions for those Cheyenne aircraft owners and operators who want to be RVSM compliant in order to fly their aircraft above 29,000 feet," said Rob Irwin, founder and member/manager of JETTECH. "Now we have a solution for every Cheyenne aircraft in the active fleet. These are excellent aircraft and we feel the development of an RVSM solution will increase operational flexibility, enhance intrinsic value and extend their useful life."

According to Irwin, the STCs under which the RVSM solutions are approved, were issued for “Group” approval which eliminates the need for an STC flight test on each individual aircraft.

The RVSM kit for KFC-400 equipped 400LS aircraft sells for $159,000 installed and includes a new Thommen AC-32 Air Data Computer and Thommen AD-32 Digital Altimeter, pitot-static plumbing and fittings, and wiring harness.

For the 400LS aircraft equipped with the APS-65 Autopilots, the installation includes two new Honeywell AM-250 digital altimeters, an Air Data Interface Unit (ADIU), pitot-static plumbing and fittings, and wiring harness. This kit sells for $139,000 installed.

JETTECH also offers a $97,300 RVSM "Lite" kit for the IIIA aircraft equipped with either the KFC-300 or the APS-65 autopilots. The KFC-300 configured aircraft utilizes two new Thommen AD-32 Digital Altimeters while aircraft with the APS-65 autopilot uses two new Honeywell digital Altimeters. Both kits are complete and include the pitot-static plumbing and fittings, and wiring harness.

According to Irwin, the ARINC-429 format input and output ports on all installations have several labels available and will interface with, and feed data to, TAWS, EFIS, MFDs or PFDs. All kits come with the required materials needed to support the installation.


JETTECH is an aviation systems design firm specializing in developing Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) aftermarket solutions for aircraft that are not supported by a factory OEM engineered installation. Currently JETTECH holds numerous FAA Supplemental Type Certificates for RVSM installations on various aircraft including Piper Cheyenne 400 LS and IIIAs; Cessna Citations with Bendix, Sperry and early King autopilots.

JETTECH RVSM solutions are compliant with the FAAs more stringent mandated requirements and exceed the FAAs TSO accuracy requirements.