New PL Solution Slashes Cost of Exit Signs

The photoluminescent (PL) technology at the heart of STG Aerospace's multi award-winning SafTGlo floorpath marking strips is now being applied to unpowered cabin signage. SafTGlo TR signs (TR for Tritium Replacement) will significantly undercut the costs of radioactive Tritium signs and are certified across all commercial aircraft.

Over the life of an aircraft SafTGlo TR could save operators up to $4,000 per sign. STG’s PL sign has a lower initial purchase cost and, as a 'fit for life' solution eliminates the costs for testing, maintenance and replacement that a Tritium sign incurs. In addition, SafTGlo is inert while Tritium is a hazardous, radioactive material that is expensive to dispose of.

The current 'norm' for unpowered signs, Tritium suffers a loss of luminosity over time, while STG’s patented photoluminescent technology will maintain its high performance for the life of the aircraft. SafTGlo TR signs are also approximately 85% lighter than equivalent Tritium signs. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, are easy to install and, requiring no power source, can be re-located to match changing cabin configurations without losing any visibility.

Originally developed as a progression sign for class dividers and bulkheads, SafTGlo TR has been awarded a generic STC certifying it for all progression signage on all commercial aircraft.

Doug Nowinski, sales director, STG Aerospace, said: "Our Tritium Replacement product is another innovative application of proven SafTGlo technology that increases safety while reducing costs. Hundreds of operators around the world recognise that our photoluminescent systems deliver genuine operational and safety benefits for them and their passengers."

EASA approvals are already secured to cover 65+ commercial aircraft including the Airbus A380, and STG Aerospace expects to add FAA approvals for these applications imminently.

Since 1999, STG Aerospace has had worldwide patent protection for the innovative application in commercial and military aircraft of the photoluminescent technology in all variants of its SafTGlo range of products.