Attention Aircraft Mechanics: Your Help is Needed

Aircraft Maintenance Technology has received a request by Matt Poelman, an instructor at LeTourneau university. He seeks your input on the aircraft maintenance environment. Below is the request from Mr. Poelman.

I am writing to ask your help in a study being conducted as a part of my graduate degree work for a thesis paper on the topic of "Aviation accidents and incidents where maintenance has been listed as causal." The goal of my thesis is to learn from you and your colleagues about how you view the aviation maintenance environment.

I have prepared a survey to collect responses. You can access the survey at this link:

The survey can easily be completed in less than five minutes. Your electronic responses will be tallied anonymously by automated software.

Your responses are completely confidential and will be released only as summarized data in which no individual's answers can be identified. The general nature of the questions avoids any specific details being disclosed in the survey.

Your response is appreciated even if you no longer work in the aviation industry or if you have limited aviation experience. The goal is to get a broad base of observations and opinions.

If you have any questions or comments to share concerning this survey, please reply to me at

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,

Matt Poelman