VEM Celebrates 6th Anniversary as a Latin American Leader in Aircraft Maintenance

Rio de Janeiro, October 29, 2007 – Also as the leading aircraft MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) company in the southern hemisphere and sixth in the world, VEM proudly celebrates its sixth anniversary. It was one more year of great accomplishments, where a change in Company philosophy, along with the arrival of the new president, a year ago, stands out, since the entire company began to place its focus on the client satisfaction, developing its actions, in any of the Areas, for the purpose of providing excellent customer services.

The commemoration on October 22, 2007, was the crowning moment of a six-year history of successful operations, with constant achievements, even in the face of many challenges. VEM continued investing in technology and training and, in this last year, among its great accomplishments, the company received FAA (United States) certification for doing heavy maintenance on Airbus A300-600 and A310 aircraft, thus substantially increasing the company’s business portfolio, since it already also serves the entire line of Boeing airplanes, as well as Embraer and Fokker models. Another great feat was in the area of components, with the growth in landing gear overhauls, which by July 2007 had already overhauled thirty-three large units. VEM is certified to overhaul the landing gear of the Boeings (B-727, B-737 Classics, and NG, B-747, B-757, B-767, DC 10, and MD-11), Embraer’s EMB 120 and ERJ 145, and the F-50 and ATR 42, and the forecast is to double capacity to 200 revisions in 2008.

Another important heavy contribution to this year’s success, which has been officially recognized by a number of Customers, was the restructuring of the entire Organization, which was also elaborated to follow the new philosophy and its Client-centered focus. This involved the creation of four new vice-presidencies: Marketing & Sales, Operations, Logistics, and Administration and Finances, making it possible to bring maximum optimization to the Company’s vertical and horizontal synergies, generating a larger interface between the Areas that could be felt in a more dynamic relationship with Customers, and improving internal procedures, which, in turn, positively affects TAT (Turn-Around-Time). Specifically in terms of customized client services, the Marketing & Sales vice-presidency created the position of Sales & Customer Support Manager and, now, each Customer has personalized follow-up from the beginning to the end of their projects.

VEM is known, worldwide, for the quality services it offers the market and has been certified by the world’s main aeronautical agencies. It has partnerships with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), such as Honeywell, Goodrich, and Northrop-Grumman, and has the most recent technologies in aircraft maintenance, like the ATEC-600, EGPWS. The Company has 3,600 well-trained employees, and over 100 clients in its portfolio, all contributing to this success story. And the future is promising. VEM expects to receive EASA (European Union) certification for Airbus A 310 aircraft by January 2008.

"Focus on the client, excellent personnel, constantly in step with technological and procedural innovation, and strategic partnerships will continue to be fundamental for VEM, which will allow us to have a sustainable success, brining benefits to our Customers, employees, partners, and Controllers. We reaffirm our commitment to offering the market quality services and competitive prices. To all those who have helped build this history, we extend our sincere gratitude and invite you to join us in this celebration," declared VEM’s CEO, Filipe Morais de Almeida.