Robinson Heicopter Selects Tempest Spin-on Oil Filter

GREENVILLE, SC — Tempest® and Robinson Helicopter announce they have reached an agreement for Tempest to supply its spin-on oil filter to Robinson. Tempest’s brand of “Original” oil filters was introduced in March of 2005 and features many new product improvements.

Some of the improvements include a magnet providing a secondary filtration system to capture and detect fine ferrous particles. Other safety and product improvements include a PC housing which prevents catastrophic failure of the filter in the event of a weld fracture on the by-pass valve. Tempest has also improved the ADB (Anti-Drain Back) valve to ensure positive oil retention in the filter which assures immediate lubrication on the camshaft at engine start-up.

John Herman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tempest said, “We are very pleased that a company as highly respected as Robinson has selected our product for their oil filter of choice.”

Tempest is the leading brand of pneumatic systems, including the Tornado 3000 dry air pump, filters, valves, regulators and electric stand-by pumps. Additionally it markets Tempest fuel pumps and magneto parts, and a complete line of aviation spin-on oil filters. Its manufacturing facility is based in Gibsonville, NC, with TPMG sales and marketing offices located in Greenville, SC, and Atlanta, GA.