Ultramain efbFlightLogs(TM) Wins Software Awards

ALBUQUERQUE -- Ultramain Systems' electronic flight log software, efb FlightLogs, has won IT Excellence Awards in the categories of Commercial Software and Internet Solutions. The IT Excellence Awards are held annually by the New Mexico Information Technology and Software Association ("NMITSA"), a software and information technology advocacy organization. The IT Excellence Awards competition recognizes the most successful information technology solutions developed by New Mexico-based organizations. efbFlightLogs was the only solution that won in more than one award category in this year's competition.

Tim Spears accepted the awards on behalf of Ultramain Systems. Spears is the architect of efbFlightLogs. About the awards, Spears says "It is gratifying to receive this honor for our efforts to bring advanced technology to the global aviation industry while being recognized by our New Mexico peers."

efbFlightLogs is web-based software that runs on EFB cockpit devices andprovides all the features of a paper technical log without the bulk or risk of outdated information. With the speed of digital communication, pilots can record flight discrepancies when they happen and alert ground maintenance crews of any needed repairs well before the plane lands. As a result, gate repairs can be made quickly so the plane can take off on its next flight on schedule. This adds up to greater revenue for airlines, and less hassle for passengers.

Mark McCausland, president of Ultramain Systems, says "The aviation industry is undergoing a technology revolution, and efbFlightLogs is part of that revolution. By enabling faster, more complete communication between cockpit crews and ground crews, efbFlightLogs helps airlines keep planes in the air and on schedule, not idle at the gate awaiting maintenance."

For more information visit http://www.nmitsa.org and http://www.ultramain.com.