3D Maintenance Solution to Help Canadian Forces Aircraft Technicians

Integrated 3D maintenance solution from NGRAIN and Standard Aero helps aircraft technicians reduce equipment repair turn-around time and improve accuracy.

VANCOUVER, BC, & WINNIPEG, MB — December 5, 2007 — NGRAIN, award-winning provider of 3D performance support solutions, and Standard Aero, leading provider of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services and technical publication solutions to the aerospace and defense industries, today announced joint trial deployment of a 3D-enabled performance support solution for the T56 Engine that is used on Lockheed Martin's Hercules C130. This solution was designed to help the Canadian Forces reduce the time to locate and comprehend information, improve speed and quality of job performance, and ultimately decrease repair turn-around time and equipment downtime.

Unlike traditional job aids and technical manuals, which consist mostly of text and line drawings and are delivered primarily in printed, hard copy format, the joint solution consists of a 3D-enabled Advanced Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (A/IETM) developed using NGRAIN COTS-based software to provide targeted, 3D-enabled virtual task training.

“The T-56 A/IETM from NGRAIN and Standard Aero can help the Canadian Forces deliver more productive operational support to the ‘video gamer’ generation,” said Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Cooke of the Canadian Forces. “We can now potentially assess and adapt how subject matter is covered and supported to fit new requirements in the field. Our ultimate goal is to enhance field support for optimal job performance.”

This first phase of the solution delivery will provide parts breakdown, maintenance, and training from a single user-interface. The solution features fully interactive 2D and 3D simulations of the T56 engine to help maintainers identify, understand, and perform repair tasks. Delivery of the solution through an A/IETM ensures that all technicians have access to the data, wherever their location, and provides a method for ensuring proper configuration management and airworthiness compliance.

The next phase will provide diagnostic and case-based reasoning capabilities to help technicians troubleshoot and diagnose problems, reducing the time and costs associated with resolving maintenance issues. Future phases will provide technicians with the ability to access inventory data, maintenance records, workscoping tools, and other valuable information directly from the A/IETM.

"This solution will help users review and practice procedures – such as how to deconstruct parts – by watching a 3D animation so that they better understand internal operation prior to starting repairs,” said Jim Henry, VP Technology Development, Standard Aero. “By integrating NGRAIN’s 3D software tools into our Advanced Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals, we provided a unique and powerful solution that will help customers like the Canadian Forces simplify and streamline equipment repairs.”

“NGRAIN technology can be deployed over the Internet or to mobile devices and is easily embedded into standard software programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF documents. This allows our military customers to share knowledge with maintainers on virtually any device anytime, anywhere,” said Gabe Batstone, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for NGRAIN. “Our strategic partnership with Standard Aero enables us to deliver targeted training and documentation solutions that improve the speed and quality of job performance.”

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