Norsk Helikopter Reaches 20K Fleet Hours Milestone

STAVANGER, Norway -- Norsk Helikopter has achieved 20,000 fleet hours with the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Norsk, which in 2006 became the first offshore oil operator in the North Sea to reach 10,000 fleet flight hours with the S-92 helicopter, reached the new milestone on November 26.

"The S-92 helicopter's record of continuing availability in the rigorous offshore oil segment in the North Sea is a testament to the strength of this aircraft in this mission," says Sikorsky vice president and chief marketing officer Stephen B. Estill. "Sikorsky is pleased that Norsk continues to operate at such a high level and we are proud of this achievement."

The S-92 helicopter was the first helicopter in the world certified to the latest Federal Aviation Administration and European Joint airworthiness safety standards. The aircraft is the winner of the Collier Trophy, and features a Rotor Ice Protection System available on S-92 helicopter military variants as well as commercial aircraft.

"The S-92 helicopter has performed above expectations, and we typically see average utilization hours in the range of 150 to 200 flight hours per month on the aircraft," says Norsk managing director Ivar Eie.