MedAire Renews Agreement With NetJets Europe

TEMPE -- NetJets Europe, the largest private jet company in Europe, has renewed its contract for another three years with aviation medical specialists MedAire of Tempe, AZ.

Since 2002 and through 2010, NetJets Europe crew members have received and will continue to receive MedAire's medical training, onboard medical kits, and remote telemedicine expertise, ensuring NetJets will continue to be well-prepared to handle any medical situation.

"We are committed to providing the highest level of safety, so our customers can travel anywhere in the world with the assurance that they are well looked after, and MedAire supports us in achieving this goal." says Bill Kelly, CEO, NetJets Transportes Aereos.

Under the terms of the new agreement, MedAire will continue to provide the following services to NetJets Europe:

-- A MedLink telemedicine response center, providing NetJets crew with immediate access to emergency doctors during in-flight medical emergencies. The hospital-based hotline can be contacted from anywhere around the world using the aircraft's existing communications system.

-- MedLink WorldWide ID cards for all NetJets Europe owners, giving them MedLink access any time they are traveling or away from home.

-- Management of in-flight illness and injury training, covering common in flight illness, altitude physiology, equipment, oxygen systems and CPR/AED instruction. All NetJets Europe flight deck and cabin crew attend MedAire's two-day initial course and take the one-day recurrent course annually.

-- One aircraft first aid kit per aircraft, engineered to help operators deal with medical situations that commonly occur in the aviation environment. This includes kit refurbishment and content replenishment for more than 500 kits over the course of three years.

-- One emergency medical kit per aircraft, designed for long-range aircraft to treat serious or complex conditions ranging from chest pains and severe allergic reactions to gastrointestinal problems and asthma attacks. This includes refurbishment and content replenishment.

"NetJets Europe set the international standard in 2002 when it added training, medical equipment and MedLink services to its entire fleet," says Richard Moore, managing director of MedAire Ltd. in Europe. "NetJets Europe customers can travel anywhere in the world, knowing that the crew is prepared to effectively address and treat in-flight medical events."

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