HAI Announces Recipient of the 2008 Helicopter Maintenance Award

Alexandria, VA -- This year’s HAI Helicopter Maintenance Award recipient is Phillip G. DiFiore, president of Rotorcraft Support Inc. of Van Nuys, CA.

DiFiore began his career in 1979 as an A&P graduate from North Valley Occupational Center. His professional journey has taken him from helicopter technician to owner, president, and director of maintenance for Rotorcraft Support Inc., a company that serves operators from law enforcement, corporate, utility, and the entertainment industry. A hands-on administrator, DiFiore holds and actively maintains his A&P/inspection authorization certification. He is a designated airworthiness representative, and holds numerous FAA certifications.

DiFiore manages and actively organizes all facility operations including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, inspections, evaluations, modifications, the avionics shop, and the component overhaul shop at Rotorcraft Support Inc. His facility works on a number of aircraft models including Aerospatiale, Eurocopter, Agusta, Bell, Robinson, Sikorsky, Schweizer, and MD models.

Recently DiFiore purchased a successful 50-year-old helicopter service company, Redding Air Service. DiFiore believes in training and hires A&P students who are currently enrolled in local A&P schools. He has employed and trained more than 100 apprentice technicians and currently employs 60 technicians and administrative personnel. His uncompromising standards on helicopter maintenance and service have led hundreds of pilots to fly thousands of trouble-free flight hours. Eight years ago he produced and continues to support an FAA approved, IA renewal seminar.

Each October, DiFiore and Rotorcraft Support Inc. host 100 IA technicians who are educated in the rotorcraft industry. DiFiore’s work is a reflection of his personal commitment to quality, integrity and service. DiFiore says that he is most proud of the hundreds of pilots who have flown thousands of hours and returned home safely, without a reported maintenance-caused incident. His personal and professional accomplishments make him deserving of the 2008 Helicopter Maintenance Award.

All winners will be recognized at HELI-EXPO 2008’s annual “Salute to Excellence” Awards Banquet on Feb. 25, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. in Houston, TX.

For more information call HAI’s communications department at (703) 683-4646, and visit www.heliexpo.com.