Korean Military to Use Skylark II, an Elbit Systems' Tactical UAV

HAIFA, ISRAEL -- Elbit Systems Ltd. announced that Skylark II, was selected by the Korean military as a preferred solution in a tender involving extensive technical tests and including UAV manufacturers from all over the world.

The first phase of the contract includes a comprehensive Skylark II system, while additional systems are expected in the future.

The Skylark II mini UAV system is designed for data collection, observation and target marking missions for ranges exceeding 60 kilometers. Its silent, electric propulsion system, allows for optimal performance during day, night and adverse weather missions. The system offers a full cycle operation that is possible only with a two person crew.

Skylark II is based on the combat experience of the Skylark I, which is already used in various battlefields by numerous customers worldwide.

According to Haim Kellerman, corporate vice president and general manager of Elbit Systems UAV division, "We are proud to be selected by the Korean military and believe that Elbit Systems' unique qualities and operational experience in developing UAVs in general and mini UAVs in particular, will contribute to position the Skylark II as a leader in its field. We believe the Skylark II has great marketing potential as its unique features, including silent electrical propulsion system and efficient combat operating systems, are particularly suitable for brigade level and up, ground forces missions."

The Skylark II system includes the UAVs and ground control station. The system is deployed using a Humvee class field vehicles equipped with an integral launcher for point launch and recovery, and an advanced dual ground control station. It provides advanced, high performance ISTAR capabilities and is ideal for both military and homeland defense missions.

The Skylark II boasts an electric propulsion system and is fitted with Elbit Systems electro-optics advanced Micro-CoMPASS multi-faceted payload (day sensor, cooled night sensor, laser illuminator and tracker) as well as Tadiran Spectralink's advanced digital communication system.

Last year the Skylark II received Popular Science's "2006 Best of What's New" award in the Aviation and Space category.