Concorde Battery Corporation Receives TSO-C173 Approval for 8 Aircraft Batteries

WEST COVINA, CA – Concorde Battery Corporation has received approval under Technical Standard Order C173 by the Federal Aviation Administration for eight valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRSLA) batteries. The TSO approved models are Concorde’s RG-121 Series and RG-122 Series; Emergency Batteries for lighting, standby, avionics, FADEC and backup power. Parts conforming to TSO C173 are approved for both design and production.

John Timmons, Vice President of Engineering, states, “Aircraft manufacturers can be assured of airworthiness while saving time & money with Concorde’s TSO approved batteries. These Emergency Batteries can be specified for any aircraft installation meeting conditions within the TSO C173 standards.”

RG-121 Series* and RG-122 Series* are maintenance free in that they never require replenishment of water or electrolyte. Available with or without internal heaters, all of these batteries are self regulating on charge, taking only the current required to maintain a full charge. RG® Series Emergency Batteries protect & extend the life of other avionics without a dedicated charger.

As the first battery manufacturer to apply for and receive TSO approval, Concorde continues to lead the way in aircraft battery technology. Concorde is the largest supplier of OEM lead acid aircraft batteries with more than 50 additional batteries and temperature sensors that have attained Parts Manufacturing Approval for installation on more than a thousand aircraft models.

Concorde manufactures Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid and Flooded aircraft batteries with a product line of over 90 models used for starting turbine and reciprocating engine aircraft, as well as emergency power and glass panel applications. Visit our website for certified application guides and new releases.

*TSO Approved: Concorde Battery part numbers RG-121-1, RG-121-2, RG-121-3, RG-121-4, and RG-122-1, RG-122-2, RG122-3, RG-122-4