Agency hands over Design Organisation Approval to Europrop International

Europrop International, manufacturer of the engine that will power the new Airbus A400M, will recieve its EASA Design Organisation Approval (DOA) today. The Approval will be handed over by Francesco Banal, Director of Approvals and Standardisation, at a ceremony in the Agency’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

The DOA process started in 2003 and was completed last November, after a comprehensive assessment of the organisation by the Agency’s experts. The EASA DOA confirms an organization’s ability to design aviation products according to European safety standards and establishes a global quality framework for the management, responsibilities, procedures and resources needed for their certification.

Europrop International is a consortium of several European engine manufacturers including Rolls-Royce (Germany), Snecma (France), MTU (Germany) and ITP (Spain). After Airbus, EPI is the second European consortium to obtain an EASA Design Organisation Approval. The Agency continues to work closely with the manufacturer on the ongoing certification of the TP400 D6 engine, which is expected to be completed in spring 2009.

EASA is the authority responsible for the type certification under European civil aviation standards of the Airbus A400M and the TP400 D6 engine.