Avidyn'e Envision Integrated Flight Deck Now Certified for Retrofit in Cessna 400-Series Piston Twins

Lincoln, MA – March 11, 2008 – Avidyne Corporation and Southern Star Avionics, LLC of Mobile, Alabama announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for retrofit of the Envision Integrated Flight Deck on a Cessna Model 414A, and adds the Cessna 400 series of piston twin-engine airplanes – including the 401 (A, B), 402 (A, B, C), 414 (A), 421 (A, B, C) – to the Approved Model List (AML) of aircraft authorized for retrofit of the Envision System.

Avidyne and Southern Star originally announced their partnership last year and have already received an STC for the installation of the Envision EXP5000 PFD on the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft that were previously delivered with a standard “six-pack” panel of electro-mechanical instruments. The two companies are also collaborating on a single EXP5000 PFD, single EX5000 MFD Envision retrofit with an STEC 65 autopilot in a King Air E90. AML Approval, which will include the A, B, C and E90s, is expected during the second quarter of 2008.

Envision modernizes the popular Cessna piston-engine twins with leading edge situational awareness and safety systems and the industry’s easiest-to-use integrated flight deck. The platform aircraft used to obtain the STC, a 1982 Cessna 414A, N6822E, includes a single EXP5000 PFD and an EX5000 MFD with the S-TEC55X autopilot. With its entry into service, it becomes the fourth twin-engine aircraft model to be authorized to fly with Envision. Avidyne has also collaborated with S-TEC on the design of the dual-PFD and single-MFD Envision/Alliant flight deck for King Air 90 and 200 series and Cessna 441 Conquest II turboprop aircraft. Southern Star Avionics also is an Alliant dealer.

About 5,000 Cessna 401, 402, 404, 411, 414 and 421 aircraft were built between 1964 and 1985. More than 500 Model 414A Chancellors were included in that number from 1978 until 1985.

“The market potential for Envision on the Cessna 400 Series is extraordinary,” said Tom Greer, President, Southern Star Aviation. “Avidyne has terrific products that our customers find easy to use and that enhance the value of their aircraft.”

Based on the Avidyne Entegra integrated flight deck for new aircraft, Envision continues Avidyne’s Flying Made Simple™ strategy to make GA flying safer and simpler with advanced yet intuitive cockpit technology. “We’re very pleased to team with Southern Star on this effort,” said Tom Harper, Avidyne’s Director of Marketing. “They’ve done a terrific job on the STC program and have provided owners of legacy Cessna twins with a practical and affordable retrofit that will make their airplanes more valuable, capable and safer to operate in today’s air traffic control system.”

Pricing and Availability

Retail pricing for the Envision integrated flight deck for Cessna 400-Series aircraft begins at $34,995 for the EXP5000 PFD with STC Kit, plus $16,995 for the radar-capable EX5000 MFD. Many of these aircraft already have an existing MFD and/or an STEC55X autopilot. Options include the dual-antenna TAS600 traffic advisory system, MLB700 broadcast datalink weather, and TWX670 Tactical Lightning Detection. For option pricing or for more information, contact Avidyne at 1-800-AVIDYNE, visit www.avidyne.com, or contact Southern Star Avionics at 1-888-855-9969.

About Southern Star Avionics, LLC (www.southernstar.aero)

Southern Star Avionics was founded in 2003 as a partnership between two well-established Mobile, Alabama-based companies, Southern Avionics and Star Aviation. Southern Star Avionics is conveniently located adjacent to the Mobile Downtown Airport. Southern Star Avionics specializes in offering engineering, STC certification, manufacturing, and installation of post-production products for most general and business aircraft in a single location. Since its founding, Southern Star Avionics has met the demands of the aviation industry with several new products. Southern Star Avionics continuously strives to bring more innovative approaches to installation kits and STC development.

About Avidyne Corporation (www.avidyne.com)

Avidyne’s continuing leadership in innovation and its Flying Made Simple™ system design make flying safer, more accessible and more enjoyable for pilots and their passengers. The company’s expanding line of products include Entegra integrated flight decks for new aircraft, Envision integrated flight decks for existing aircraft, datalink-capable EX5000 and EX500 multi-function displays and the dual-antenna TAS600 series of active traffic advisory systems, the MLB700 broadcast datalink receiver and the TWX670 Tactical Weather Detection system. Headquartered in Lincoln, MA, the company has facilities in Columbus, OH, Melbourne, FL, and Boulder, CO.

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