Contract for First-Ever Complete Flight Data Monitoring Services for GA Aircraft

Hopkinton, Mass., March 18, 2008 – In a first for General Aviation, systems developer Alakai Technologies and systems integrator and safety analyst, CAPACG, announced today a contract with SATSAir to provide its entire fleet of air taxis with an all-in-one predictive Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and mentoring system that includes an engine trend monitoring system, internet-accessible digital flight data recorder with automatic wireless internet link, and data analysis services.

Alakai Technologies and CAPACG jointly developed the all-in-one GA-FDM system under a teaming agreement formed between the two organizations. The system was designed in a way that will support full FAA-approved Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) program implementation by General Aviation and small corporate fleets.

"Our program underscores the philosophy 'Train like you fly; fly like you train,' by enabling pilots to learn from each other's experiences and become the best, safest pilots in the history of General Aviation” said Stuart "Kipp” Lau, Vice President of Flight Data Mentoring Services for CAPACG. "We are proud to make this technology available to the GA community and look forward to the benefits it will bring the SATSair fleet.”

Alakai Technologies initially developed the Engine Trend Monitoring System in the GA-FDM system in response to SATSair's need to automate its FAA-approved manual engine trend monitoring system. SATSair currently flies 26 Cirrus SR22 airplanes and has flown over 7 million passenger miles in point-to-point, air cab operations under Federal Aviation Part 135 air taxi regulations in the SE USA, and was the first fleet air cab operation to embrace the SR22.

"SATSair is pleased to equip our fleet with GA-FDM technology and to help bring this important safety innovation to General Aviation,” said Steve Hanvey, President and CEO of SATSair. "Trend monitoring is fundamental to the successful operation of our air cab fleet and the addition of GA-FDM enhances the monitoring of our Cirrus fleet.”

The GA-FDM system is available to Cirrus owners and operators for after-market retrofit. To learn more about this option, please visit for more information.

Alakai Technologies and CAPACG are exhibiting the GA-FDM system during the National Training Aircraft Symposium (NTAS) held at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University March 17-19, 2008 ( To learn more about the GA-FDM system and its capabilities, please visit

About the Team:

Alakai Technologies is a Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based company that develops, manufactures, and integrates products to enhance aircraft safety. Alakai (pronounced "al-uh-ki”) is the Hawaiian word for "leader” or "guide.” Additional information can be found at

CAPACG is a consulting firm and systems integrator focused on helping hardware and software companies develop products specifically for the General Aviation FDM market. CAPACG is an expert in helping operators develop, implement and operate their FDM programs. Additional information can be found at

SATSair, Smart Air Travel Solutions, is the first company to offer the innovative air cab service based on extensive research and strategic relationships with agencies such as NASA and the FAA. Using new Cirrus SR22 aircraft, SATSair's mission is to provide safe, convenient, economical air travel and top-notch customer service. SATSair's service area includes much of the eastern United States, and the company plans continued expansion. For more information on SATSair, visit

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