Concorde Battery Corporation Receives FAA TSO-C173 Authorization for RG-150 Series Aircraft Batteries

WEST COVINA, CA – Concorde Battery Corporation aircraft battery part numbers RG-150-1 and RG-150-2 have received Technical Standard Order C173 (TSO-C173) approval. Concorde is the first aircraft battery manufacturer to receive TSO-C173 authorization. RG-150-1 and RG-150-2 increase the count to a total of 11 aircraft batteries with TSO authorization in the Concorde product line.

The design and performance of the RG-150-1 & RG-150-2 Concorde® Emergency VRLA Batteries add value as form, fit & function direct replacements1 for more expensive 1/4 ATR battery packs in use. Skip Koss, Vice President of Marketing for Concorde, says, “The dimension and power requirements of the Concorde RG-150 Series are equal to or better than the batteries fitted in the various models of Gulfstream, Challenger, Dassault Falcon, and more. The FAA TSO authorized Concorde RG-150 Series Batteries are more economical to own and operate. They have a lower initial cost along with less maintenance compared to other manufacturers’ like products.”

RG-150-1 and RG-150-2 are advanced technology emergency batteries; RG-150-2 is equipped with an Internal DC Heater. Concorde emergency batteries protect and extend the life of other avionics and can be charged directly from the DC bus with no need for a dedicated charger. This results in a high inrush current which extends battery life with fast recovery time from discharge. With the battery connected directly on the bus, transient spikes in the DC power are absorbed. Concorde Emergency Batteries are self-regulating on charge and use only the current required to maintain them at full charge. The RG-150 Series are maintenance free valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries requiring no replenishment of water or electrolyte.

Concorde is the world leader in aircraft battery technology with over 90 aircraft batteries in a range of installations, including recent selection by the US Navy to provide an advanced prototype lithium ion battery for the new CH-53K Helicopter. Concorde is the largest supplier of Original Equipment VRLA Batteries to manufacturers including Agusta, American Champion, American Eurocopter, Aviat, Bell, Bombardier (Canadair, Learjet), Cessna, Cirrus, Commander, Dassault, Diamond, Enstrom Helicopter, Erickson Air Crane, Extra, Gippsland, Grobe, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, JetPROP, Liberty, M-7Aerospace, Maule, Mooney, Northrop Grumman, Piaggio, Pilatus, Piper Aircraft, Robinson Helicopter, Scaled Composites, Schweizer, Sikorsky, Slingsby Aviation, Socata and Zlin. Over 50 Concorde batteries and temperature sensors are FAA Approved for installation on more than one thousand aircraft models.

Concorde manufactures Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Flooded Lead Acid, and Lithium Ion aircraft batteries used for starting turbine and reciprocating engine aircraft, emergency & standby power. Visit our website for application guides, replacement guides, and new releases.

1 A separate FAA approval may be required for installation of these batteries on an aircraft.