AMTSociety Raffle Drawing Winners

The AMTSociety, a group devoted to support and promotion of aircraft mechanics, held its annual Aircraft Maintenance Summit at the Aviation Industry Expo in Dallas. Several events were scheduled to raise money for distribution to individuals in pursuit of an aviation maintenance career or for current aircraft mechanics wanting to further their training. Here are the results of its raffle drawings.

AMTSociety held its raffle drawings the last day of Aviation Industry Expo. The winner of the Snap-on toolbox is Lester Hoerig, Burleson, TX. The tickets to Hawaii from Aloha Airlines were won by Andrew Moore, McKinney, TX, and the Hawaiian Airlines tickets were won by Joe Cattrell, Waukesha, WI. Hirmiz Mikhaez, Marquette, WI, won the Timberland workboots.

AMTSociety was formed in 2005 as an affinity group to provide online certification testing and renewal programs and provide benefits and industry resources to members. It was made a full-fledged association in December 2006. Tom Hendershot was hired as the executive director in January 2007 and an advisory council was also formed. For more information, visit