AMTSociety receives Letter of Understanding from FAA Safety Team

DALLAS, TX - March 2008 - The FAASafety Team presented this Letter of Understanding to AMTSociety Executive Director Tom Hendershot during the Aircraft Maintenance Summit held during Aviation Industry Expo this month. Phil Randall, assistant national manager of the FAASTeam, made the presentation.

“This Letter of Understanding (LOU) establishes an arrangement between the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAASTeam) and the AMTSociety to promote aviation safety awareness and training to all airmen. This LOU does not create a legal or financial obligation between the parties. The parties to this LOU are voluntarily entering into this arrangement to pursue their common goal of promoting aviation safety. Either party may terminate this LOU at any time by giving written notice to the other party.

“This letter reflects the understanding that has been reached regarding the terms and conditions of the AMTSociety and the FAASTeam’s teaming together for safety.

“The FAASTeam agrees to:

1. Through its SPANS program, and other national media resources, recognize the AMTSociety participation in FAASTeam safety events as a FAASTeam National industry member.

2. Recognize the AMTSociety logo on the home page of

3. Provide a link on to the AMTSociety website.

4. Work with the AMTSociety to develop safety awareness training for all airmen.

5. Provide the AMTSociety with FAASTeam safety materials for distribution.

“The AMTSociety agrees to, through its international headquarters in Lone Tree, CO, provide a point-of-contact to coordinate requests from the FAASTeam. The AMTSociety international headquarters will forward requests to the board of directors or committee chairman appropriate to the event for final coordination and action. Some examples of these requests are listed below; however, other collaborative efforts may be developed if agreed upon by the AMTSociety and the FAASTeam.

1. Use its eNetworks and Public Relations Committee to promote FAASTeam programs and sanctioned events and solicit volunteers to assist in same.

2. Assist in locating facilities suitable for conducting IA Renewal Programs, and safety events.

3. To the extent possible, include local airmen licensed or unlicensed in all safety meetings, presentations, or seminars.

4. Provide a link on the AMTSociety web site to the FAASTeam website.

5. To the extent possible – serve as a distribution point for FAASTeam materials.

6. Encourage members of the AMTSociety to volunteer as FAASTeam representatives in their respective areas.

7. Promote the use among members of the AMTSociety of the, particularly the AMT section.”

Signed January 8, 2008

Kevin Clover

National FAASTeam Manager

Thomas E. Hendershot

Executive Director

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