Advanced Composite Technologies Announces Composite Repair Training Courses

SPARKS, NV -- Advanced Composite Technologies (ACT) announces its training courses in composite repair.

The course line-up includes: "Principles of Composite Repair; transport category and another for GA and rotorcraft, Advanced Techniques in the Repair of Structura l Composites," "Understanding OEM's Instructions," and "Metal-Bonded Repair and Aging Aircraft."

Courses offered by ACT are suited for the every day user and are not generic; they address the FAA's initiatives for safety and maintenance on composite structures and aging aircraft.

ACT brings more than 20 years experience in performing training to Industry, the Military and the FAA. In addition, it provides manufacturing and repair services and has in-house DERs who know and approve major repairs, modifications and alterations.

For more information, call (775) 358-0115 or send an email to