ARSA: Managing Director Takes to the Airwaves on Aviation Safety

Washington, DC - Providing expert insight into the aviation industry, Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) Managing Director and General Counsel Marshall Filler was a featured guest on this morning's newscast from Washington, DC Fox-affiliate "Fox 5".

National attention remains focused on the impact of cancelled flights by major air carriers, leaving many to wonder about safety in the skies. Filler provided a brief overview of the regulatory requirements governing the aviation industry, particularly the role of Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins.

These complex documents are developed by the aircraft manufacturers with the cooperation and approval of the FAA; the Service Bulletins upon which the directives are based often come out years prior to the safety directive and can be changed numerous times in the interim. They are translated to task cards for the mechanics to follow in performing the actual work. Compliance involves correction of the unsafe condition identified in the directive; therefore, complying with the intent of the directive ensures the safety of the flying public.

Potential non-compliance with these documents has spurred the recent widespread cancellation of flights. "I would suggest that the political and media pressure has made it difficult for the FAA to be reasonable," said Filler. While recent cancellations have stoked concern about air safety among some fliers, Filler said that "aviation is extraordinarily safe", citing the robust record of the industry.

"As this issue continues to garner headlines, it is important that associations such as ARSA, with its wealth of knowledge on aviation maintenance, are part of the discussion, thus ensuring that the facts of the situation are known by the public," added Filler.

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