World’s First Diesel Powered Light Sport Aircraft

Lakeland, FL, April 12, 2008 — IndUS Aviation debuted the world’s first Light Sport Aircraft powered by a diesel engine. From IndUS’s headquarters in Dallas the aircraft flew directly to Lakeland for the Sun N’ Fun air show. The Thorpedo DP uses the innovative WAM 120 turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that burns 3 gallons of Jet A per hour!

“This engine has been flying in a Thorp for almost four years now,” said a smiling Dr. Ram Pattisapu, president and CEO of IndUS Aircraft. “It’s quiet and has unbelievable climb performance even at altitude. At 14,000 ft. it’s still climbing at 500 fpm!”

IndUS manufactures the Thorpedo, a derivative of the Thorp T211 Sky Skooter. The aircraft was originally FAA type-certified by its designer John Thorp, who also designed the Piper Cherokee. The IndUS Thorpedo S-LSA is powered by 6-cylinder Jabiru 3300. The design has been streamlined since it was first introduced as a Light Sport Aircraft, including an efficient new nose cowl, wingtips, and numerous modifications firewall forward.

The 120 horsepower WAM 120 engine is expected to provide significant cost savings in operating costs as well as for an overhaul: the TBO is projected to be ultimately at 3000 hours. After unveiling and flying its proof-of-concept airplane at Sun N’ Fun 2008, IndUS plans to certify its diesel-powered Thorpedo by Oshkosh this year.

“We’ve already had incredible interest all over America in the new diesel-powered Thorpedo,” Pattisapu said. “We’re going to offer a simple version of the aircraft, which is what the flight training organizations are telling us they want. There will also be a very well equipped version, for the pilots who are ready to fly right now.”

Pattisapu added, “There are many places that have no 100LL at all, or if they do, it’s significantly more expensive than jet fuel. The new Thorpedo DP will be incredibly valuable to pilots all over the world.”