National AMT Day Status

Ken MacTiernan, AMTSociety Board Member and president of the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association (AMTA), announces that a national AMT day resolution is one step closer to reality.

MacTiernan has been instrumental in the latest effort to get a national AMT day resolution passed. He was able to get California Congressman Bob Filner to sponsor the resolution (HRES #444) last year. The resolution has been in limbo since last Fall awaiting a vote.

It seems that HRES #444 will be moving forward now. The resolution will be placed on the House calendar within the next week or two. Once that is done, it will go before Congress for a full vote. MacTiernan is confident there will be no opposition to the resolution and it has a strong chance of being passed by May 24, Charles Taylor's birthday and the date that will be proclaimed national AMT Day.

MacTiernan urges all aircraft mechanics to contact their Congressman. He stresses, "To help ensure this resolution gains Congress' full attention, I would like you to contact your Congressman and remind them that HRES #444 will be coming up for a vote very soon and that their support is important to all AMTs."

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