AMT Day Passes House!

On April 30, HRES #444 was introduced in Congress and approved by a voice vote!

Yesterday in Congress HRES #444 was introduced and approved by a voice vote! On Monday Ken MacTiernan will meet with Congressman Bob Filner along with Maryanne DeMarco to personnally thank Congressman Filner for introducing the National AMT Day Resolution on behalf of the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association (AMTA) and all AMTs.

"I wish to thank everyone who called their Congressman for their support in voting for this important resolution," MacTiernan said. "Next will be our efforts to have the Senate introduce their version of a National AMT Day Resolution. I will keep everyone appraised of the status on this endeavor."

H. Res. 444:

supporting the goals and ideals of National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, honoring the invaluable contributions of Charles Edward Taylor, regarded as the father of aviation maintenance, and recognizing the essential role of aviation maintenance technicians in ensuring the safety and security of civil and military aircraft.

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