Recap: NATA Meeting at Jet Aviation Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL - May 2, 2008 – National Air Transportation Association (NATA) president James K. Coyne highlighted critical issues that America’s aviation businesses and airports currently face during a Town Hall meeting hosted by Jet Aviation Palm Beach on May 1. The Mayor’s office, city commissioners, representatives from the airport authority, and area residents were among those invited to attend.

Mr. Coyne commented on topics including the FAA reauthorization bill before Congress, the need to improve airport infrastructures while also building new airports in key areas, and the importance of keeping current airports open and functioning. He suggested that creative coalitions could provide solutions for developing better ways of reducing noise, congestion, and the environmental impact of aviation on surrounding areas. Coyne encouraged all constituents, including citizens, politicians, the FBOs, commercial airlines, TSA, FAA, and ATC, to engage in open dialogues, citing the Teterboro citizen/airport action group as a strong example of open communication resulting in change.

Issues related to the proposed expansion of Palm Beach International Airport, noise and pollution arose during the question/answer session. In response, Coyne mentioned that technology improvements of today’s aircraft are resulting in lower emissions and quieter operations as well as enhanced safety. He also commented that federal, state and local governments should consider adding new airports in less populated areas to allow for alternate relief.

Norbert Ehrich, senior vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation Palm Beach, also addressed the airport expansion debate. “We are currently working with the airport as a partner to devise a solution that allows Jet Aviation to continue our current operations, keep our employees, and satisfy the needs of our clients, who have a major economic impact on Palm Beach County.”

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