Spectra Jet Inc. Receives FAA Authorization to Inspect, Service, and Repair Challenger 300 and 600 Series Aircraft

For the past eight years Spectra Jet focused its Certified Repair Station exclusively on all models of Learjets. Now, with their newly completed 18,000 square-foot hangar at Airpark Ohio in full operation, “Maintaining Challengers was the logical next level in our company’s master plan”, said John Yegerlehner, Owner and Chief Inspector, “What better way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary as a company.”

On Wednesday April 16, 2008 the FAA Cincinnati FSDO, granted Spectra Jet approval, adding Limited Ratings for Challenger 300’s and 600 series airframes to their Repair Station Certificate. Powerplant ratings for each series are being sought and should be obtained by the time their second large hangar on Blue Sky Dr. opens for business.

The Company’s first priority has always been quality. Beyond that, the need to have ample hangar floor space for the larger Challenger Aircraft has made facility construction all the more important.

Spectra Jet’s ambitious facility construction plan consists of six phases. Their phase-one hangar was completed last September. Phase-two and three structures will be completed together by late 2009. Phase-two and three represent a three-million dollar construction program effort. The 22,500 square-foot hangar, Springfield’s largest, measuring 150'x 150' will sit between their second 6,000 square-foot maintenance shop area and an even larger executive office-lounge complex for Spectra Jet Headquarters. “The intention here,” says Mike Catherwood, owner and President, “was to make the facility grow at a pace consistent with new workload expansions. This isn’t always possible, but, our overall plan seems to be working.”

Spectra Jet’s very narrow focus on Learjet Maintenance and their determination to stick with just one World-class Manufacturer has been a critical factor in Company success enabling a profitable 30 percent growth rate since 2000. ”Interestingly, we have worked Challengers for several major Fractional Providers for many years already,” says Logistics Manager Jim Major. “Challenger Maintenance being added to the Repair Station is simply an extension of what we already know and love. After all, wasn’t it Bill Lear who drew-up the first Challenger?”