Raisbeck Clebrates the 75th ZR LITE Learjet Performance System Installation

Seattle, Wash (May 12, 2008) - Raisbeck Engineering is pleased to announce the 75th ZR LITE Performance System is being installed in May at Duncan Aviation, a Raisbeck Authorized Dealer for over two decades. The Lear 35A is operated by MaCair Jet S.A., of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company has been selected by owners such as Albanesi S.A. and Swiss Medical Group S.A. to manage their aircraft.

“Raisbeck systems enhance the performance of the 30 series Learjet at a relatively low cost. The fact that ZR LITE pays for itself in a short time (ROI) is an added bonus!” said MaCair’s Director of Maintenance Daniel Kucharzcuk. “In short, ZR LITE brings my crew better performance and adds safety for my passengers, all while reducing fuel burn. It’s a great product.”

Demand for Raisbeck’s ZR LITE continues to be strong. Fuel savings is frequently cited as a deciding factor for purchase. With fleet backlogs scheduled through September, total sales stand near 100.

To check on the fleet’s longevity of satisfaction, Raisbeck contacted Ryan Setting, Chief Pilot of the first Learjet 35 series (Lear35A) to receive the ZR LITE installation in 2005.

“Everything Raisbeck promised still holds true today. After accruing over 400 hours of flight I am still very happy with the system. Higher altitude and fuel savings make the ZR LITE invaluable in today’s economy,” said Setting.

Nick Nicholson, Raisbeck Sales Manager of Learjet Performance Systems added, “2008 is proving to be the best year for ZR LITE to date. The word is out that ZR LITE is a real performance winner and pays you back handsomely in both fuel savings and better operational flexibility!”

The ZR LITE Performance System enhances the takeoff, climb, cruise, and descent performance of the Learjet aircraft. Benefits to the customer from this installation will allow the aircraft to fly higher, faster and consistently save as much as 11% or more in fuel.

Raisbeck Engineering was founded in 1973 and continues to be dedicated to improving the productivity, safety and performance of business and commercial jet-powered aircraft worldwide. More company information can be found at www.raisbeck.com.