APPH Houston Announces Comprehensive Hawker Landing Gear Value-Added Program

Houston, TX May 13, 2008 – APPH Houston Inc is pleased to announce its comprehensive Hawker 12-Year/5000-Cycle Landing Gear Value Added program.

Under the program, Hawker operators can select one of three overhaul pricing options to comply with the manufacturer’s TBO requirement. Each pricing option includes a value added package of select APPH manufactured hydraulic components (steering jack, reversing valves and sequencing valves), all new bushings and hardware plus a detailed package of release and support documents. APPH Houston then offers an Extra Value Component Package that includes maxarets, modulators and brake hoses at a discounted price.

Other value added benefits include an unprecedented three-year, 1,200-cycle warranty and the free use of “slave” gear sets to allow aircraft mobility while a customer’s gear set is removed.

“This program gives Hawker operators a comprehensive tool for TBO compliance while managing the cost risk involved with overhauling components. Our flat rate pricing option is a true flat rate,” says company President, Ted Ingram.

APPH Houston is a subsidiary of the APPH Group (a BBA Aviation company), which provides specialized services including design, manufacture, assembly and support of landing gear, hydraulic and filtration systems, and other component repair and overhaul services for virtually all segments within the aviation industry. For more information on any of the specialized products and services offered by APPH Houston, please visit or call 281-590-1431.