Snecma Services and TAP Portugal Extend Cooperation in CFM56 Maintenance

Paris, May 13, 2008 – TAP Portugal, the national flag carrier of Portugal, and Snecma Services (SAFRAN Group) have signed agreements that enhance both companies’ cooperation in CFM56 maintenance.

A two-year agreement covering the repair of high and low pressure nozzle guide vanes for CFM56-3, -5C, -5B, -7B engines handled by TAP’s maintenance unit was signed, adding to the several others already in place, namely one for the repair of CFM56-3 HP turbine blades signed two years ago. Snecma Services’ Châtellerault facility in France, the company’s Repair Center of Excellence, will handle this latest contract, including inspection and repair services that meet TAP’s turnaround time (TAT) requirements.

A CFM56 overhaul maintenance agreement was also signed, enabling TAP to receive and overhaul engines from and on behalf of Snecma Services. Snecma Services will benefit from the added shop visit planning flexibility created by this over-flow agreement, and also by benefiting from TAP’s airline expertise, and long standing overhaul and customer experience.

“We are very satisfied with these new agreements” said Jorge Sobral, member of the board of directors of TAP Portugal for Maintenance and Engineering. “The improvement of service on the parts repair contracts allows us to add more value and reduce costs for both TAP and our customers. On the other hand, our overhauling for Snecma Services creates a balanced environment for the increasing cooperation between the two companies.”

Denis Vercherin, Chairman and CEO of Snecma Services, added: “Expanding our relations with TAP Maintenance and Engineering is a very positive move for both of our companies. This latest collaboration on parts repair proves our ability to combine competitive prices with OEM repair quality. It’s a win-win situation for both companies, and provides an excellent opportunity to bolster our ties.”

With several decades of operational experience in engine maintenance, TAP Maintenance & Engineering is proud to be part of the restricted number of maintenance organisations that provide services in the complete commercial range of CFM56 family engines. TAP Engine Shop overhaul per year more than 120 engines. Snecma Services, a CFM56 OEM shop, offers a complete range of engine MRO and parts repair services. With more than 140 customers around the world, including airlines, repair shops and leasing companies, Snecma Services is considered one of the world leaders in CFM56 MRO.

TAP Maintenance & Engineering is the MRO of TAP Portugal, the Lisbon based operator. Its portfolio of maintenance services includes the overhaul of CFM56-3, -5A, -5B, -5C and -7B, JT3, JT8, and RB211 engines; airframe maintenance on Airbus A300-600, A310, A330, A340 and A320 Family, Boeing B737 and Lockheed L1011; components maintenance, material support and engineering services. TAP Maintenance and Engineering is a member of Airbus MRO Network. Visit TAP Maintenance & Engineering online at

Snecma Services (SAFRAN Group) provides a full range of aero-engine support services to operators worldwide (airlines, armed forces, lessors, VIP transport, etc.) including: engine MRO, parts repair, engineering support (fleet management, remote diagnostics), LRU support, engine maintenance on site (EMOS), technical assistance, tools, technical documentation, test cell calibration, engine leasing, flight test support, customer support, mechanics training and more. Snecma Services operates three sites in France (Montereau, Saint-Quentin and Châtellerault) and has a Belgian subsidiary, Snecma Services Brussels. The company has also created a number of joint ventures with major airlines and manufacturers. Visit Snecma Services online at