Brazil Certifies King Air Winglets from BLR Aerospace

EVERETT, WA, May 15, 2008 — BLR Aerospace has received Brazilian Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) approval for its King Air 200 and 300 Winglet Systems.

The STC, issued May 5, enables Brazilian operators of King Air 200s and 300s to modify their aircraft with performance-enhancing Winglet Systems. The certification also applies to new King Air 200GTs, which incorporate the PT6A-52 engine for increased thermal dynamic power. Winglets are expected to be even more effective on the faster- and higher-flying GTs. BLR is rapidly completing certification for King Air 90s, too.

Operators of Winglet-equipped aircraft realize increased cruise speed (3-6 knots) or reduced fuel consumption (3.5 percent less burn), and increased vertical rate of climb (250-400 fpm). Reduced fuel consumption alone delivers significant annual savings at today’s fuel prices.

Additional benefits include reduced drag, and improved handling qualities. It all adds up to a measurable return on investment for operators, according to Dave Marone, vice president, Sales/Marketing. In fact, Winglets deliver 100 percent return on investment — data that is documented in the Aircraft Blue Book. Winglets also modernize and enhance the attractiveness of King Airs.

The performance improvements are a direct result of an increase in effective wingspan and associated increase in aspect ratio combined with the beneficial impact of the winglet acting as a physical pressure barrier, conserving valuable lift.

Brazilian operators who would like more information about Winglets may work with local representative Quick Aviação.

About BLR Aerospace

BLR designs, develops, manufactures and markets airframe aerodynamic enhancements for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. BLR’s 18-year history of aerodynamic innovation has produced nearly 60 FAA STC approvals for after-market aircraft modifications. The company’s primary product lines involve airflow manipulation technologies; vortex generators, winglets, tail boom strakes, and specially designed products all aimed at improving aircraft performance.