BLR Aerospace Receives EASA Approval for B206B and 206L Dual Tailboom Strakes

EVERETT, WA, May 15, 2008 — EASA has approved BLR Dual Tailboom Strakes Systems for installation on Bell 206B and 206L helicopters. The approval clears the way for operators to realize significant performance improvements by installing BLR Strakes.

“The BLR Dual Tailboom Strakes kit is the most cost-effective, multi-functional, value-added modification ever developed for single-rotor helicopters with enclosed tailbooms,” said Dave Marone, vice president, Sales/Marketing for BLR. “We look forward to meeting with European operators at EBACE and showcasing this beneficial technology.”

The addition of BLR Strakes controls airflow over a helicopter tailboom for improved stability and enhanced load management. Installation of Strakes also improves yaw control margins and reduces tail rotor power requirements. Reduced maintenance and wind azimuth tolerance are additional benefits.

Strakes are easy to install and widely used by rotorcraft operators around the world. In fact, more than 650 dual tailboom strake systems are in use and have flown more than 1 million flight hours with operators worldwide.

BLR Aerospace (BLR) designs, develops, manufactures and markets airframe aerodynamic enhancements for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. BLR’s 18-year history of aerodynamic innovation has produced nearly 60 FAA STC approvals for aftermarket aircraft modifications such as winglets, vortex generators, helicopter tailboom strakes and FastFin™.