Thrane & Thrane Opens Order Book on New SwiftBroadband System

EBACE 2008, Geneva - Thrane & Thrane has started to take orders for its forthcoming Aero-SB Lite Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system. This innovative cabin communications solution, which was first announced at the NBAA exhibition in September last year features full SwiftBroadband data functionality to provide the ultimate in quality of service and lower costs in terms of initial investment and operation.

As a total cabin solution Aero-SB Lite enables high speed internet and simultaneous voice. Its SwiftBroadband data channel is highly flexible, offering users a choice of streaming data on a pay-per-minute basis or background data where the operator is only charged for data used. Coupled with a built in WiFi capability and VoiP technology, where users can use Thrane & Thrane's newly developed VoiP handset or their own compatible handsets, Aero-SB Lite becomes a very attractive option for business aircraft operators.

Though the value provided by SwiftBroadband data costs is important to potential Aero-SB Lite users, it also provides benefits by being extremely compact and lightweight. The system also utilizes an Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) to ensure a lightweight package with low profile/drag and small antenna footprint on the fuselage, making it suitable for use on light aircraft and even helicopters.

"Through its compact, lightweight design and the use of IGA antennas, Aero-SB Lite enables a much broader range of aircraft to join the broadband era irrespective of size, type and communications budget," comments Andy Beers, Director, Aeronautical Sales North America, Thrane & Thrane.

Aero-SB Lite is available as a standalone system but can also be integrated with Aircell's popular Iridium based Axxess system.