X-Air LS Receives ASTM Acceptance

May 30, 2008 (Redmond, OR) - X-Air announced today that they received the ASTM consensus standard acceptance from the Seattle MIDO for Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA). "We are excited about completing the requirements for the ASTM consensus standard and receiving FAA acceptance," stated X-Air's David McRae. "Not to be overlooked in what we have accomplished, is the direct involvement that the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association had with us on the finalization of our program. We are grateful for the representation and professionalism that LAMA brings to the industry."

X-Air began pursuing the SLSA status just six months ago and was able to work through the ASTM requirements rather quickly due to the thorough testing of the design that has taken place by the team at X-Air with their seasoned industry experience. "LSA category is a critical part of the future of aviation and we are proud to be a part of it," exclaimed X-Air's Mark Mahnke. "Paralleling our certification program, we have been preparing our production facility in anticipation of the approval so that we could respond to the market immediately." The team at X-Air drew on their collective experience in Part 23 and Part 21 aircraft certification programs as well as extensive research and development program management in both the flight test and design fields."

"Much has been made of the six figure LSA market and the need for more aircraft that meet the original intent of an affordable entry level marketplace," commented Justin Reimer, X-air's man responsible for sales and marketing for X-Air. "Well, now you have it with the X-Air LS. An entry level aircraft at an entry level price!" Priced at $46,900, the X-Air LS is sure to attract attention.

The X-Air LS is a low cost entry-level 3-axis aircraft with excellent training qualities. The LS comes standard with flaps, trim, ICom radio, Dynon engine monitor and basic flight instrumentation. Optional equipment includes extended fuel capability, Garmin GTX 327 and Garmin 396/495/496 among other options. X-Air is taking orders with a $1,000 refundable position deposit. For more information about the X-Air LS visit them on the web at www.X-AirLSA.com or contact them via email at info@X-AirLSA.com.