Thales Aerospace Dvision Announces New Organization

Emmanuel Grave is appointed Senior Vice President of the Solutions for Aircraft Sector.

François Quentin, Thales Senior Vice President in charge of Aerospace, will implement as of June 1, 2008 a new organization within Thales’s Aerospace division. The objectives are to achieve new levels of growth, reinforce Thales’s Tier 1 partner status with relation to its customers, and pursue and boost the development of a wider, competitive and innovative offering.

The Division’s activities will henceforth be regrouped within three Sectors:

• Emmanuel Grave is appointed Senior Vice President of the Solutions for Aircraft Sector. This Sector covers activities that concern all cockpit and cabin electronics systems (In-Flight Entertainment, connectivity) along with electrical systems. Emmanuel Grave will handle the interface with aircraft manufacturers, operators and airlines worldwide.

• Pierre-Yves Chaltiel is appointed Senior Vice President of the Solutions for Governments Sector. This Sector encompasses electronic combat activities (airborne radars and electronic warfare), mission aircraft systems (SIGINT, maritime surveillance) and the Group’s UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and “ISTAR” systems activities, mainly located in the UK and France. Pierre-Yves Chaltiel will handle the interface with combat systems integrators and platform manufacturers, and defence ministries.

• Pierre-Eric Pommellet is appointed Vice President of the Services and Business Transformation Sector. This Sector comprises customer service and support activities, in civil and military fields. Pierre-Eric Pommellet is also responsible for defining and implementing the strategic business action plans that will ensure the long-term business growth of the division, particularly internationally and in the area of high added value services for our customers.

Furthermore, Alain Paul is appointed Director of Operations, which brings together the Supply Chain and Purchasing departments, the Programme Management department, and Quality and Continuous Improvement initiatives.

Emmanuel Grave, 56, is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (SUPELEC) and holds an MBA from INSEAD. He joined the Thales group in 1978 and, after holding various managerial positions, was in 2002 appointed CEO of Thales Airborne Systems and then, in 2004, Deputy General Manager and General Manager France of the Aerospace division. He is Vice President of GEAD, the aeronautical and defence equipment industry trade association, member of the ASD’s Operations and Defence commissions and has been awarded the insignia of Chevalier of France’s Légion d’Honneur.

Pierre-Yves Chaltiel, 51, is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (SUPELEC) and the Imperial College of Science and Technologies of London. He joined the Thales Group ten years ago, after 18 years spent with Dassault Electronique. Pierre-Yves Chaltiel was Managing Director France of Thales’ Land and Joint Division, running the communications and optronics equipment activities for eight years, before joining Thales International as Director of the Europe, Central Asia, Latin America region. In 2005 he was awarded the “Médaille de l’Aéronautique”.

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