Free Sport Pilot Instruction With LSA Purchase at US Aviation

Denton, TX – US Aviation Group is now offering a free Sport Pilot rating for anyone who purchases a new Light Sport Aircraft from their inventory. They have ten aircraft in their showroom to choose from. Several people have already taken advantage of the program.

“We had a number of people who came to Denton to earn their Sport Pilot licenses and when they got here, they became enamored with one of the designs in our showroom and wound up flying it home,” said Mike Sykes, President of US Aviation. “Since people are showing up with the intention of getting the rating and buying an airplane, we decided to offer the instruction free of charge for anyone who buys one of our LSA’s. That way they can learn in their own personal aircraft. Some people will face their first long cross country flight when they are finished with the training, so we’ll have an instructor accompany them to their home airport and shoot a few touch and go’s when they get there.”

US Aviation is an authorized dealer for REMOS, Breezer, Tecnam Sierra and Bravo, and the Skylark. For further information about Sport Pilot training, Light Sport Aircraft, or Light Sport Aircraft Fractional Ownership visit or call 866.383.2400; overseas call 1.940.383.2400.