DART Helicopter Services Announces EASA Approval of DART’s Spacepods™ for AS350 and AS355 Series Helicopters

DART Helicopter Services announced today that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received EASA approval of their Spacepods™ for AS350B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D/AS355E/F/F1/F2/N series helicopters. FAA and Transport Canada approvals have been previously received.

DART’s Spacepods are sturdy and lightweight and are available in two styles: Upward opening (hinged at the top of the door) and NEW Fwd opening (hinged at the Fwd side of the door). Both styles feature an automatic door opener that dampens door swing and supports the door in the open position.

With DART’s Spacepod™ you will increase your cargo capacity by 5.5 ft³ and 100 lb per side, with a net weight increase of only 13 Ib. The Spacepod™ can also function as a working platform. Taking this application into consideration, we applied a non-skid surface for your personal safety.

Additional benefits with DART’s Spacepods™ include:

• Installs RH or LH or both

• No flight limitations

• After initial install, can be removed or re-installed in 15-30 min

• Kits available to upgrade from upward opening to forward opening

• Kits available to upgrade from prop arm to automatic door opener

Other DART cargo expansion solutions for AS350/AS355:

• Heli-Utility-Basket™

• Heli-Utility-Pod™

• Rear Locker Extender

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