Mooney Acclaims Receives Brazilian Certification

Kerrville, Texas — Mooney Airplane Company announced today that it has received certification for the Model M20TN Acclaim and Acclaim Type S from the ANAC, the Brazilian aviation certification authority. The approval clears the way for eventual certification of the Ovation in the future as well. It comes on the heels of the sale of a new Acclaim to a Brazilian customer.

“This is a significant accomplishment for Mooney,” noted Mooney CEO Dennis Ferguson. “Brazil represents a strong potential market for Mooney. It is the country with the second largest general aviation fleet in the world. We have more than 30 Mooneys currently operating there. This certification means that owners of Acclaims in Brazil can register and base their airplanes in country and will not be required to fly the aircraft out of the country every 60 days as is currently mandated for foreign-registered airplanes. We are in the process of establishing a local Mooney representative and will begin pursuing the approval of the Ovation very soon,” he added.

The Brazilian certification, which was officially granted on March 20, entailed a visit to Kerrville by ANAC representatives who conducted a full records review that including aircraft production and engineering data. A follow-up visit to Brazil by Mooney officials along with the publication of the Pilot’s Operating Handbook and all appropriate placards in Portuguese followed. The regulation also specifies that the airplanes be equipped with a single ADF and must have a flashlight included in the owners’ accessory pack.

“We are continuing to experience significant interest in Mooney airplanes from international customers,” Ferguson noted. “We recently concluded a very successful tour of Australia where a number of strong prospects were identified,” he added.

About Mooney Airplane Company

Mooney Airplane Company, located in Kerrville, Texas, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mooney Aerospace Group, Ltd., a general aviation holding company. Mooney Airplane Company currently produces the world’s fastest, most efficient single engine piston-powered aircraft – the Acclaim Type S, Ovation3 and Ovation2 GX. All come with standard equipment that includes the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics suite and the Garmin GFC 700 Automatic Flight Control. Since its inception in 1946, the company has manufactured and delivered more than 11,000 aircraft worldwide. Today, more than 7,800 customers in the United States and 1,000 more overseas fly these proven, high-performance airplanes. For more information, visit