EASA Approval of Apical Replacement Floats for AS332 Helicopters

DART Helicopter Services has announced that their subsidiary Apical Industries Inc. has recently received EASA approval of its Replacement Emergency Floats and Inflation Cylinder for Eurocopter AS332C/L/L1 model helicopters. FAA and Transport Canada approvals have been previously received.

The Apical Replacement Emergency Floats are available for each of the three floats positions (1 Fwd, 2 Aft). Each float is constructed utilizing a lightweight urethane coated nylon fabric. Each float bag has five compartments and an inlet check value, pressure relief valve and a topping valve, except the center compartment of the nose float which has two inlet check valves.

Weighing the same as OEM floats, the Apical Replacement Emergency Floats can be intermixed with Aerazur Floats and do not impose any aircraft limitations. The Apical exchange program is also available.

The Inflation Cylinder is composite wound and is designed as a replacement for the Aerazur reservoir.

DART Helicopter Services also offers Apical floatation equipment for the following aircraft:

• Augusta Westland – A109, AW139, A119

• Bell – 206A/B/L, 407, Medium, 427

• Eurocopter – AS350/355, EC120, EC130, EC135, BO 105

• MD Helicopters – MD369, MD500, MD600, MD900

• Robinson – R44

• Sikorsky – S76

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