Japan Airlines' Maintenance Efficiency Soars with Enigma Aftermarket Maintenance Technology

The Enigma solution is used to support JAL’s fleet of Boeing aircraft, including: B777, B747-Classic, B747-400, B767 and B737-800.

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- June 23, 2008 -- Enigma Inc., the leader in aftermarket service and support technology, today announced that Japan Airlines International (JAL) has gone live with an e-maintenance solution built on the Enigma 3C® Platform. The Enigma solution improves the efficiency and consistency of JAL’s maintenance technicians worldwide, both on the flight line and in the maintenance shops. Supporting a fleet of 230 aircraft the Enigma rollout was completed in conjunction with Enigma’s local support partner, Altech ADS.

The Enigma solution is used to support JAL’s fleet of Boeing aircraft, including: B777, B747-Classic, B747-400, B767 and B737-800. With the Enigma 3C solution serving as the technology backbone for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations, JAL technicians no longer search for documentation, instead they automatically receive the specific parts and service information required to maintain each aircraft. In addition, when JAL receives technical updates from Boeing, the Enigma Revision Manager product identifies any differences between the OEM content and the customized documentation being used by JAL technicians. This accelerates the process of reviewing and approving the revised documentation and ensures that critical changes are quickly implemented.

Enigma’s dynamically updated maintenance solution delivers the latest information to more than 5,000 technicians worldwide via the Web and offline devices, thereby improving the quality and consistency of MRO service. By providing real-time access to maintenance manuals, illustrated parts catalogs and customer originated changes (COC), this e-maintenance solution has become the primary tool for JAL technicians to improve the airlines’ scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities and increase maintenance efficiency worldwide.

“Enigma 3C has been a key component in making our operations safer by providing our technicians with real-time access to the specific parts and maintenance information they need to properly maintain each aircraft,” said Masahiro Miura, Vice President of JAL Maintenance Corporate Planning & Administration. “With Enigma, our technicians can better service each aircraft, keeping them in service and ensuring the highest levels of safety at all times. As a result, we have been able to increase efficiency, reduce our maintenance costs and improve overall operations.”

Enigma’s technology allows JAL to combine Boeing’s maintenance manuals with service recommendations developed by JAL, and to include the latest service information and the shared knowledge and best practices of JAL’s technicians and MRO engineers. With the aircraft illustrated parts catalog, which ties directly to various maintenance manuals, JAL technicians can easily identify parts directly from the Enigma-based application. With Enigma, JAL has better control over technical data and improves the ability to share critical maintenance information.

“In a service industry such as aviation where uptime equals revenue, keeping capital equipment running at peak performance is a top priority,” said Jonathan Yaron, CEO of Enigma. “Japan Airlines is the latest example of how Enigma’s technology has revolutionized the way airlines manage maintenance operations, both on the flight line and in the hangar, to improve service, enhance compliance and increase bottom line revenue. Partnering with Altech ADS to bring this technology online has been a critical step in this successful implementation.”

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