AOPA Announces New President; Boyer to Retire

AOPA President Phil Boyer will retire at the end of 2008. Succeeding Boyer as president will be Craig L. Fuller.

Trimble said, “Phil Boyer transformed the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association into a forward-thinking and tech-savvy leader for vastly changed times in general aviation. The GA community will remember Phil’s remarkable contributions that prepared us for the twenty-first century.”

Enhancing AOPA management skills and member service, Boyer engineered a 40-percent growth in membership despite the declining U.S. pilot population. His many new ventures funded novel GA advocacy and member benefits, all while holding AOPA annual dues at $39.

“Phil orchestrated regulatory and legislative backing for civil aviation use of GPS satellite navigation, led consumer support for aviation product liability reform that was decisive in Congress, and averted onerous user fees during three FAA reauthorizations,” said Trimble.

“Moreover, he facilitated general aviation’s return to the skies following a long post-9/11 grounding by talking sense - and common-sense cooperative programs - with lawmakers and security officials.”

Said Boyer, “I have made no secret in the aviation community that I have had a retirement plan for several years. And I wanted to make sure prior to stepping down I was leaving a world class set of AOPA organizations and the best management team to continue our leadership position in general aviation advocacy, information, and education.

“At the end of this year, I will be able to ‘get my life back’ and enjoy fully the general aviation that AOPA fights so hard to preserve for its member pilots. Every great team needs a coach, every great business needs a CEO and every great association needs a president. I am delighted Craig will captain AOPA on the ‘next leg’ of this remarkable journey to preserve and advance general aviation.”

Fuller is to take office on Jan. 1, 2009, following formal election at the trustees’ September Annual Meeting of Members. He and Boyer will be working together on the transition for the remainder of this year.

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