Raisbeck Offers $15K Incentive

Seattle, Wash. (July 8, 2008)- Raisbeck Engineering is offering a US$15,000 Platinum Conversion Certificate to King Air owners who purchase Raisbeck’s EPIC GOLD™ Performance System (which includes Ram Air Recovery, Enhanced Performance Leading Edges, Dual Aft Body Strakes and High Flotation Gear Doors), now available for the new Beechcraft B200GT aircraft.

The EPIC GOLD Performance System is ideal for new B200GT aircraft owners who have factory-installed Hartzell/Beechcraft propellers. The Platinum Conversion Certificate is valid immediately after the purchase of EPIC GOLD, allowing the owner to upgrade at any time within the propeller overhaul time period. This program is also available to owners of King Air B200s with serial numbers 1509 and subsequent.

Owners and operators who upgrade their aircraft to Raisbeck’s EPIC PLATINUM™ (which includes all EPIC GOLD elements plus the Raisbeck/Hartzell four-bladed Quiet Turbofan Propeller System and FAA-Approved Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement) from EPIC GOLD will be able to apply the $15,000 certificate toward the upgrade.

Performance benefits for the EPIC GOLD include increased climb and cruise performance, ability to take more passengers, cargo and fuel, and flexibility to operate safely into thousands more airports. The Raisbeck/Hartzell Quiet Turbofan Propellers, included in EPIC PLATINUM, allow the aircraft to achieve additional takeoff and landing performance improvements, a quieter more comfortable cabin and cockpit (1600 RPM cruise), and worldwide noise certification.

Both performance systems are designed to enhance specific operational areas of the new Beechcraft GT aircraft. They are attractively priced to save customers money in both their purchase and installation, and are sold through the global network of Raisbeck Authorized Dealers.

Sam L. Jantzen Jr., Chief Operating Officer of Raisbeck, officially announced this program at a recent Raisbeck Authorized Dealer Seminar.

“We are extremely pleased with the customer response to our EPIC GOLD package for the B200GT,” said Jantzen. “We are delighted to demonstrate our sincere gratitude by providing these loyal customers a $15,000 Platinum Conversion Certificate to be used when they upgrade their aircraft to EPIC PLATINUM.”

To date, over 40% of new Beechcraft B200GTs have requested Raisbeck Performance Systems prior to factory delivery.

Raisbeck Engineering was founded in 1973 and continues to dedicate itself to improving the productivity, safety, performance and comfort of business and corporate aircraft. More company information can be found at www.raisbeck.com.